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Tim van Dijk

 Who is Tim?

Background information

Tim van Dijk is a 44-year old Content Creator from the Netherlands.
He lives in the city of 's-Hertogenbosch with his cat, Stitch.

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Content Creator

From mid 2015 until late 2020, Tim was active as a partnered streamer on the popular live-streaming platform Twitch , where he streamed the role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on a daily basis under the pseudonym AjiraKimberly, and provided the game-play with commentaries for a small but loyal audience.

On November 11th, 2020 he decided to retire from the live-streaming of video games, in order to make the switch to filming and producing English-spoken real life videos on YouTube. The initial plan was to take a short break, and then start the YouTube adventure in January 2021, but due to COVID-19 lock-downs, problems with his back and various other issues the plan was postponed, postponed again and eventually delayed by more than a year.

In March and April of 2022, Tim released two "reaction" videos, but soon came to the realisation that this type of content is not what he really wanted to make.
A few months went by, while he figured out what to do. Mid September 2022 the adventure finally started with the release of serveral energy-drink review videos.

The beard

One of Tim's most prominent characteristics is his beard. The growing of his beard initially started as a form of protest against beauty standards and corporate culture. He was very displeased with how employers and society in general had an insistent expectation on how men ought to dress, groom and behave.
More than often this conflicted with his own sense of ideals, personality and views on what manhood should to be like.

At age 35 he realized that the past 35 years he had done what was demanded and expected by others; and vowed that the next 35 years he would follow his own ideals and ambitions instead. Growing a big, bushy beard was one of the first steps of the plan. Over the years, the beard has grown (sic.) to be a big part of his identity. The beard varies in style and length, and will become more gray over the years; But the beard is love, the beard is life and the beard is eternal.

Grave before shave, as Tim puts it.


Portrait of Stitch

Stitch in December 2021.

Tim cohabitates with a 15-year old, female cat called Stitch. From what he was told, when her previous owners moved to a new house in 2017, the mother of the family did not want to bring the pets to their new home. The family dog (named Lilo, hence the cat's name Stitch – they were named after the Disney characters) was put to sleep due to old age, the guinea pigs were sold to a petting zoo, and Stitch was given to the grandparents, so that the kids could still see her.

Unfortunately, Stitch could not get along with the grandparents' other cat, and so they started searching for a new owner. Grandpa happened to be a friend and former coworker of Tim's stepfather, and when his parents were visiting one day Stitch was brought to attention. Because Tim had once mentioned that he was thinking of getting a kitten, his mother asked if he would be interested in an older cat as well. He agreed to at least check it out. When they met for the first time, there was an instant rapport between the two, and the decision to adopt her was made on the spot.

They have been the best buddies ever since.


Tim was born and raised in the vicinity of 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

For the first 10 years of his life, he lived with his mother and sister in the village of Rosmalen, which nowadays is part of the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch. When his mother got into a new relationship, the family moved to the city of Enschede in the East of the Netherlands. About a year and a half later the family, including the new stepfather, moved back to 's-Hertogenbosch. Cultural differences is all that his mother is willing to say about the subject.

He currently lives in a small, cozy house near the city's train station. He likes living there, because the neighborhood is relatively
peaceful and quiet, the cost of living is fairly low and there are many conveniences within walking distance.


On-demand real-life videos

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Tim makes videos on a variety of topic that range from energy drink reviews, cooking videos, urban exploration and
micro documentaries to tutorial videos, philosophy videos, daily life and his personal weight-loss struggles.

Regardless of the video topic, it is always based on Tim's personal interest in the subject, and
presented in his signature style with absolute candor an open mindset.

The equipment is small and portable, without sacrificing (too much) quality or features. Aside from the items that
are used exclusively in the studio and the tripods, it all fits snugly in a single PGYTECH Action Camera Carry Case.






Frequently Asked Questions

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A long story (relatively) short:

Around the turn of the millennium, Tim played an MMORPG called Everquest . The third expansion pack, The Shadows of Luclin added many new places on the world map, including an area called Vex Thal. The final boss of this end-game raid dungeon was a Dominatrix-like alien being called Aten Ha Ra. Tim was very fond of this area because of the challenge and the fictional lore behind the aliens, and regularly ventured there with his group of adventurers to engage the challenges. A few of the group members jokingly made suggestion that he was secretly Aten Ha Ra's long lost twin, because of his strict dominatrix-like way of leading the group and his borderline-obsession with the area. Shortly thereafter the character Aten Ji Ra was created as a joke. The name got shortened to Ajira along the way.

When the group needed an extra healer, he decided to make a new female character with the name AjiraKimberly; The Kimberly part being a reference to his real-life name in relation to the character's gender. This character eventually became the character he played the most often.

The name stuck around over the years and is how Tim became better known as AjiraKimberly in the gaming world. At the end of 2021, everything related to AjiraKimberly was dissolved, and he moved on under his real name.
Making the videos in 18:9 aspect ratio fills more screen space on most smart phones. On standard 16:9 displays it results in subtle black bars at the top and bottom, which gives a satisfying cinematic viewing experience.

50 frames per second was chosen because the European power grid run at 50 Hz. Filming in 50 frames per second eliminates any chance of flickering that could otherwise be caused by electric lights, and gives nice smooth videos.

Why not make the videos in 4K UHD?

This is simply a matter of the current equipment's limitations. Where the main camera shoots in 4K UHD, the drone unfortunately does not; And Tim does not consider up-scaling the drone footage an option. Releasing videos in a higher resolution is simply a matter of gear upgrades further down the road.


Networking? Yes, please!

Portrait of Tim van Dijk
Contact Tim for more information, potential co-operation or casual banter about cats, knives, energydrinks, barbecues or whatever?
That's definitely possible, and encouraged!

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